Tera Vazquez                  MBEIC Chair                CEO, Guy Brown


The mission of the MBEIC is to work in conjunction with the TSMSDC to advocate for MBEs with the goal of advancing minority economic development and fostering collaboration between MBEs and corporations.



  • Increase contracts and revenue for MBEs: The most direct and impactful way to grow MBEs.
  • Access to Capital: Exploring a range of financial support tools that fit MBEs of all sizes.
  • Capacity Building: Focusing on what can be done or shared that can help MBEs grow.
  • MBE2MBE: Marketplace connecting you to sourcing solutions to stimulate business and procurement opportunities. Click here to explore this tool.



There are three standing committees in the MBEIC:

  • Community Services: Responsible for using the talents and resources of corporations and MBEs to improve the quality of life in our footprint by creating public and private partnerships to assist organizations with programs and projects.
  • Legislative Affairs: Responsible for monitoring, reporting, and developing strategies related to public policy, potentially impacting minority businesses (this function is done in conjunction with the council staff).
  • Communications: Responsible for keeping the MBE community in touch with any developments or programs that may affect their business or industry.


If you are interested in participating in the MBEIC, please contact Derrick Dowell at ddowell@tsmsdc.net or by phone at 615-259-4699. Here are the requirements and expectations.


MBEIC Application

  • 999-999-9999