Community Judging Now Open for NMSDC Minority Supplier Development Leader of the Year…

Community Judging Now Open for NMSDC Minority Supplier Development Leader of the Year…

VOTE KeeKee Mathis, Sr. Leader – Supplier Sustainability & Diversity with Trane Technologies,

Davidson, NC

Community judging is open through October 18, 2022 – 11:59 p.m., EST and 10:59 p.m., CST!


As part of the 50th Anniversary Awards Ceremony at the NMSDC’s 50th Anniversary Conference & Exchange, one individual will be honored as the Minority Business Development Leader of the Year. The voting power is in the hands of our community footprint and …. We Need Your Vote for our nominee, KeeKee Mathis, to WIN!

The nominee(s) are (1) disrupting the status quo, (2) advocating for minority businesses/minority suppliers, (3) connecting suppliers at different levels of their organization, (4) going above and beyond the line of duty to provide support for minority businesses, and (5) advocating other initiatives in minority business development.


Here’s what you must do … Follow the 3 simple steps below to cast your vote for KeeKee Mathis …..

Step 1: Navigate to NMSDC’s 50th Anniversary Conference & Exchange Community Review Portal. The portal is open to the network until one minute before midnight on October 18. You will not need to log in to review the nominees.

Step 2: Review submissions. Click on the entry to view the nominee information, on KeeKee Mathis, including examples as to why she is deserving of this award. Browse nominee by her name with the previous and next buttons or you can search by keywords.

Step 3: Cast your vote. Each nominee will have 1 vote to cast. Vote from either the gallery or nominee review screens by clicking on the ❤️ Vote icon. You can remove a vote in the same manner.

Any questions casting your vote, please email at Remember, the Community Review Portal will be open through Tuesday, October 18th at 11:59 p.m. EST., and 10:59 p.m., CST.



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