Tony Salinas

person-3 Tony Salinas

Tony Salinas is the President of Kentuckiana Enviro Oil Solutions, LLC (KEOS); the Master Distributor for Kleenoil USA in Kentucky and Southern Indiana.  Tony founded his company in 2010 and prior to that worked for five companies including two in the Fortune 100.  Tony had responsibilities ranging from Accounting/Finance to Management and Operations in six states.

In 2009 while on a plane ride, Tony found an ad in an airline magazine for a company promoting synergistic oil related products that conserve oil, while saving money and the environment for its clients.  Tony had been considering starting his own business and thought the timing was great for business ventures that promote the new “green” economy.  Eight months later after researching Kleenoil USA, Tony founded Kentuckiana Enviro Oil Solutions.

KEOS offers the Kleenoil USA banner of products most notably the Kleenoil Bypass Filtration System, Power Up Lubricants, and Bio-Matrix products.  Each of the products is unique with Kleenoil and Power Up working in tandem to enhance equipment reliability.  These products save money, time and add life to equipment using condition based maintenance rather than traditional scheduled based maintenance.   Bio-Matrix is an organic remediation product that absorbs (encapsulates) oil and chemicals with 10 times efficiency of other products.  Bio-Matrix is used by companies on environmental spills and KEOS offers environmental /emergency response services in partnership with GRA-KAT Environmental Services.   KEOS Tony feels his company can help make the environment greener while at the same time his clients’ bottom line “greener”!

A native of Texas, Tony has BBA in Finance from Texas Tech University.  He moved to Louisville in 1989 and later met and married his wife, Brenda.  They reside in Prospect with their two children; Tee & Brianna, who attend North Oldham High School.