Michael Lathon

person-4 Michael Lathon

Michael Lathon was born in Nashville Tennessee and is the youngest of five sons. At age 17 he joined the United States Marine Corps where he served 22 years in the Infantry and is a Gulf War & Iraqi Freedom veteran. Michael has a degree in Logistics & Distribution Management from Sullivan University. He also has a degree in Acquisition & Contract Management from Strayer University. Michael has completed the professional development programs for entrepreneurial business from both Florida State and Syracuse Universities. Michael has been married for over 22 years and has 3 daughters age 24, 18, and 15. Michael credits his wife Sandy for keeping him grounded and says that she is the backbone of the family. During his many years of travel she has kept a firm hand on their children and led them to great academic successes. I thank the good Lord for all my blessings, and am so lucky to have such a strong family, and close friends to support me in my endeavors.